About Us

Hello and thank you for wanting to learn more about us.

We have not found it easy to write the “About Us” part of this website, as our success is built through teamwork, helping and hopefully inspiring others to build successful Synergy businesses. Our view has always been “when you help enough people succeed, your own success is taken care of as a result”. This is the best, most ethical and enjoyable way to build a Network Marketing business, ensuring the goals and dreams of others are realised.

We have been married for over 30 years, and live in South Oxfordshire. We are blessed with a daughter and a son, who help us look after our Golden Retriever, Archie.

We have been building our Synergy business for the last 10 years, and we are very proud of the solid foundation we have created – one that can be used by others wishing to start their own Synergy adventure.

In 2019 we built our business to a level that meant we could focus full-time on it, without the need for another income.

If you would like to experience life without the need for a “traditional job”, then talk to us about building your own Synergy business.


As I come to write this and reflect on my background, I realise that I have always been a bit unconventional! I left school at 16, took a few office jobs, left home and got a mortgage at 19 and soon decided I really didn’t like working for other people in the traditional way.

After our daughter was born, I trained in various health and wellbeing modalities and began to work for myself. It fitted in perfectly to family life and especially around Simon’s corporate career as he was away from home a great deal.

What seemed satisfying at first soon became lonely and limiting as my children grew up and I was yearning for more. Around this time, we moved to our country home in South Oxfordshire and the mortgage advisor we met with told me that my income was basically hobby money and didn’t need to be considered. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and a blow to my self-esteem.

In that same year I was introduced to Synergy Worldwide and I fell in love with the Elite Health philosophy and the company’s vision to change lives around the world. I soon began to build a team that I called the Heart 2 Heart Team and we set to work with some key principles in mind; servant leadership, honesty, love, passion and remaining humble.

It has been my absolute greatest joy working with such incredible people and expanding the team to have a far bigger reach on a global scale. Many have said that this team has helped and inspired them in so many ways, even outside their career in Synergy. It certainly has helped me.

It is my belief that everyone has the ability to achieve success within a fully functioning team if they chose to go to work. The team becomes more than just a collection of people with a strong sense of mutual commitment.

It creates ‘Synergy’ – the ability to generate a vision greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members. It creates the opportunity to change the world.


In October 2019 I walked into my boss’s office and told her – “I am not happy, I would like to leave”. She was very supportive, listened to my reasons, and throughout the following weeks, both her and the company were amazing.

After 15+ years of perceived success at the highest levels of corporate life, I had finally begun to shine more light on something that I had been pushing to the back of my sub-conscious. I was not connected back to my core, my family. Yes, money is good, it allows us to be able to make certain choices, but if you are never home, who can you share memories with?

A couple of weeks a year on an expensive holiday is great, but in reality accounts for 4% of the year. In 2019 I was given a nice ceremony at one hotel in Germany that had acknowledged my 100th stay. Given every stay was normally 3+ days, that was 1 whole year in just 1 of many hotels I stayed in.

Kim once told me, “You will have the nicest stone in the graveyard”, that was starting to become true, so I made some life choices.

I joined my wife full-time in building our Synergy business together.

My passion is being able to help others make those same life choices and get back the freedom to continue working, or to spend the rest of their lives "goofing off" - or a combination of both.